6 Grandparents Day Activities for Kids (Plus 2 Printables!)

Grandparents are a national treasure, so we’re bringing you a bundle of ways for your family to celebrate Grandparents Day!

For today’s multi-generational families, Grandparents Day can mean more than a card or a phone call. So if your children’s grandparents are nearby – maybe even under the same roof – the ideas below can help strengthen their special bond. Or, if you’re looking for a special craft, we have some ideas for that as well!

Home Cooking

Grandparent-tested and family-approved, heirloom recipes are handed down over generations. Ask grandma or grandpa to prepare one with your child, sharing old stories while spending time together in the kitchen.

Hit the Road

Getting out of the house with a grandparent – and away from mom and dad – is a special treat for kids. Grab tickets to the zoo, a ball game, or the local amusement park and have your child invite the grandparents along. 

Memory Lane

Invite grandparents to fill a box with cherished keepsakes and share the stories behind them with the grandchildren. To keep the conversation going both ways, have your child do the same. Kids will love looking at their grandparents’ “treasures” and grandma and grandpa will get schooled in what’s hip today!

History 101

Grandparents hold the key to your family’s history and culture. Children can unlock it – and open up cross-generational conversation – by learning from the experts about your family’s origins.

For some lively laughs and interesting discussion, take turns pronouncing this list of words that children in other countries use for grandparents. How do kids say the words in the language of your family’s heritage?

  • Poland — Babcia and Dziadek
  • Germany — Oma and Opa
  • India — Nana-ji and Nani-ji
  • Korea — Halmonee and Halabujee
  • Greece — Ya-ya and Pa-pu
  • Japan — Oba-chan and Oji-chan
  • China — Popo and Gong-gong
  • Italy — Nonna and Nonno
  • Israel — Savta and Saba
  • Cuba — Abuelita and Abuelito

Hint: Combined with a map of the world, this activity becomes a geography lesson.

. . . Now, it’s arts & crafts time!

Family Roots: A Family Handprint Tree Craft

Ask grandparents to help your child with this creative memory-maker. There are limitless ways to approach this project, so check the Internet for ideas. Framed, the finished product makes a sentimental keepsake or gift.

Celebrate Grandparents Day

You’ll need:

 Brown craft or packing paper

Brown washable acrylic or poster paint

Stamp pads in several colors

Markers or crayons


Take a large sheet of craft paper and spread it on a flat, parent-approved work surface. Apply a small amount of washable brown paint to the forearm and hand of each family member, and have them “stamp” a section of the paper in turn to create their own “tree.”


Celebrate Grandparents Day


After creating a “forest” of varying size and shape, use stamp pads to create fingerprint “leaves.” Markers or crayons can be used to identify each tree with a name, and to draw grass and other decorations to complete the picture.

 celebrate Grandparents Day

How does your family honor grandparents and other special family members? Let us know in the comments or share with us on Facebook.

Free Printables: Finally, enjoy these two free printable pages to help your kids celebrate Grandparents Day!