Back-to-School “Writing Readiness” Tips

Writing Readiness TipsLooking for activities to prepare your little one for school success? Then you’ve come to the “WRITE” place!

Today, we’re sharing ideas for strengthening your child’s emerging writing skills using crafts, activities, and toys specially designed to enhance and promote dexterity, hand strength, hand-eye coordination, and fine-motor development.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get “write” to it!

“Angling” for Writing Success

writing on easelWant to know a trick for teaching little ones correct hand positioning for writing? Use an easel! The angled surface naturally aligns and guides little ones’ wrists and hands so their creative scribbling becomes pre-writing practice. Get 4 skill-building drawing ideas that will have your child strengthening their hand muscles, improving their grip, and refining their hand-eye coordination — building the foundation for writing success! Read the full post here.

5 Tips to Get Preschoolers Ready to Write

5-prewriting-skill-builders1You probably already know that you need to develop your child’s fine motor skills so that they have both the strength and the dexterity to properly grip a pencil. But writing also relies on sensory awareness (noticing sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes) and visual-spatial awareness (perceiving the distances between and the relationships among different objects). Click here to learn how to develop these often overlooked areas of writing development.

Little Ones Get Fine-Motor-Skills Practice — And Grandma Gets JEWELRY!

beadednecklaces31Stringing beads is a great activity for building important fine-motor skills needed for writing — like hand–eye coordination and small-muscle control. Beading also presents an educational opportunity to work on counting, creating patterns, and understanding symmetry. Click here to learn how to create beautiful wooden (not plastic) beaded bracelets or necklaces that Grandma will surely treasure as a gift from your little one.

2 Scissors Skills Printables to Strengthen Hands

scissor skillsManeuvering a scissors to cut along straight and wiggly lines is heaps of fun for kids AND great for developing fine motor skills. Challenge your child with these two print-and-use activity sheets designed to let kids show off their scissors skills. Get one beginner-level sheet and one for Cutting Pros! Download these 2 scissors skills printables here.

Top Toys for Fine-Motor-Skill Development

Top Toys for Fine Motor Skills DevelopmentWhile many toys can help develop children’s fine motor skills, our experts recommend these TOP PICKS for targeted practice in this area (great for children with special needs). Click here to see our list of favorite toys and games for fine-motor-skills practice.

* * *

So there you have it — our “WRITING READINESS” ROUND-UP!

After all that writing work, it’s time to grab some hand lotion and give your child a nice hand massage to relax and unwind. (Be sure to ask for a hand massage from your child in return . . . It’s hard work being such a HANDS-ON parent!)

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