Swirl ‘n Spin Frisbees

We are over the MOOn excited that Michelle McInerney,  founder and craft creator behind MollyMoo, is guest blogging for us this month! Check out her fabulous Spin Art project below: 

Have you enjoyed some giggle-filled afternoons experimenting with Melissa & Doug’s Swirl ‘n Spin set and couldn’t bear to just throw out the bright and colourful paint splashed squares afterwards ?

Ever wonder why frisbees have to be so single color and plain ?

flying_frisbee spin art frisbee

Well we found answers to both these questions this week by transforming our delicious Swirl ‘n Spin squares into bright and colorful flying discs that transformed the sky above us into a blur of moving color.

First we swirled and spinned with the primary paint colors that came with the art toy set and set the paper squares aside to dry.

twirl-n-spin1 spin art frisbee

twirl-n-spin2 spin art frisbee

twirl-n-spin-drying spin art frisbee

When dry we used our craft scissors to cut around the paint patterns and used craft glue to fix them onto the surface of the frisbee.

spin-art-frisbee spin art frisbee


spin-art-crafts2 spin art frisbee

The final step was to paint the entire top surface of the frisbee with one layer of découpage glue to seal and protect the Swirl ‘n Spin art frisbee.

spin-art-frisbee-coated spin art frisbee

and with the parting of the clouds and favourable winds we went outside to play, and play, and play.

spin-art-frisbee-finished Spin Art frisbee


MollyMoo_MichelleMcInerneyMichelle McInerney is the founder and craft creator behind MollyMoo – a mum’s blog focused on unique and accessible crafts for children, and crafts for parents to make with and for their children, to inspire play. Visit Michelle on her blog MollyMooCrafts.com, and follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. You won’t want to miss her Pinterest boards either!

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  1. Oh its fantastic! So excited to see Michelle here, Molly Moo is one of my favorite sites!

  2. ooooh that is fantastic!

  3. The spin art looks fab and it looks great on the frisbee! What a GREAT idea… I bet you had so much fun. Michelle always has the best ideas!!

  4. What a brilliant idea! I can imagine how awesome this looks while its spinning through the air!

  5. So clever! And cool! How perfect is this for a field day, picnic or just some fun?! Can’t wait to see what Molly Moo comes up with next 🙂

  6. What a great way to get creative and spend time outside!

  7. I had the pleasure of playing with this very frisbee this summer in Ireland – it kept my husband entertained. And the kids love it too!

  8. I too love Michelle and her fabulous kid crafts!! Love this painted frisbee idea!! Would be a super cute gift idea too, from one kid to another! 🙂 love it!

  9. Well, that is certainly an upgrade to a plain-ole frisbee! I bet it looks fab flying through the sky!

  10. what a great project idea!! thanks to Michelle for sharing 🙂

  11. What a fun idea! I love it! will have to try this out!

  12. Love how fun + colorful these are!! 🙂

  13. Totally, totally brilliant!! Every time I see a project by Michelle it’s always so incredible and filled with fun. MollyMoo is one of my absolute favorite sites! I was so glad to see one of her projects here!

  14. This is absolutely fabulous! So creative!

  15. Why do frisbees always have to be so plain? This is such a cool idea and so fun!

  16. Thank you ladies for leaving such lovely comments. I’m delighted the craft idea is so well received xx

  17. How very clever! So lovely to see you here Michelle. Love your work. xo P

  18. We LOVE spin art but never know what to do with it when we’re done making it. I absolutely adore this idea!!!!!

  19. So exciting to see Michelle over here at Melissa and Doug, I love Molly Moo. This is ridiculously cute! That would be the coolest frisbee at the park for sure. We REALLY need to get us one of those Swirl n’ Spin sets.

  20. Just in love with this idea!! So fun how you combined art and play!! Can’t wait to try it!

  21. What a great idea! My son loves frisbees, so this is a fun way to personalize it!

  22. This is such a clever idea! My son is 6 is these last few days of summer vacation we have been looking for some fun activities to do. I think we will have to try this today! I love it! Thank you!

  23. Yay! Love seeing Molly Moo here! And, as per usual, what an awesome craft! We have so many spin arts laying around – I know what to do with them now! Such a great way to showcase our kids’ art!

  24. I absolutely LOVE Melissa & Doug products! I have NO idea that they had things for older children. This looks like a great project for my older children!

  25. Love this! It would fun to do at a summer birthday party or get together!

  26. This is super fun! It will look awesome flying through the air.

  27. VERY clever. Love. Pinning it so I can remember when the weather gets a little cooler here.

  28. What a wonderful and unique idea! I’ve no double MollyMoo will be the envy of her friends with such style.

  29. I seriously love this!! I pinned!! My kids would really enjoy this.

  30. I loved the way that frisbee turned out! It would be awesome to teach about the different color combinations too. What a great way to use your swirl-n-spin art toy!

  31. Wow, that is so cool! I saw the picture on pinterest and wondered how you got it to stay on the plastic, great process idea! What a fun result too! I could see making these for a gift or party favor!

  32. We love Molly Moo too! Love this idea! We had a Swirl ‘n Spin type toy when I was little…now I want to get one for my kiddos and try this fun craft…I love how it makes the art last!

  33. What a fun craft!! I love it!!

  34. I love this! So cute and creative, my kids will love it!

  35. Ooo….I LOVE this! I just saw the swirl and spin art kit at the store yesterday. Now I am going to buy it for sure! And probably a few frisbees. 🙂 These would make great gifts!

  36. We love spin art, thanks for letting us know about this product. I love this idea for using the art work! I appreciate Mollymoo providing crafts that we can use in play.

  37. o wow! that is sooo cool! I bet my boys would LOVE one of these!

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