Work It: 3 Labor Day Activities for Kids

Each September, we celebrate the contributions of America’s workforce. Use Labor Day as an opportunity for your kids to learn from the adults around them about different occupations and the meaning of good work.


1) Take your child to work

Introduce your children to your own workplace. Expose them to different people with different jobs, explaining how everyone’s job is different and important, and how each person contributes to the betterment of society. Also encourage kids to explore these playful Labor Day activities that will help their imaginations grow and inspire their dreams!

When you get home, talk with your child about occupations that appeal to them.  For a special treat, visit a toy store or browse the Internet together for a ballerina, construction set, space exploration toy, or other item that stimulates their interest.

2) Introduce chores

Even very young children can do small chores around the house. From setting the table to yard work and trash duty, the division of household labor reinforces the concepts of teamwork and responsibility. Since it’s essentially your child’s first “job,” consider including a small monetary allowance and a brand new piggy bank to store their earnings. It’s a great way to educate kids about earning, saving, spending, and sharing.

3) Community thank you cards

Honor your community’s heroes and thank them for their service with a homemade thank you card. Start with a jumbo construction paper pad, fold, and write your message of gratitude. Use stickers, a favorite phrases stamp setwashable non-roll markers, easy-grasp triangular crayons (that won’t roll away), or poster paints to decorate.

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