“Traveling with Kids” Summer Series: A Look in the Rearview Mirror

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Starting to feel the end-of-summer blues? There’s still PLENTY of time to squeeze in a Family Summer Vacation. Whether it’s a quick hotel stay, camping trip, or you’re just stealing away for a Family Dinner Date, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the latest posts from our “ON the GO” summer series to learn about having fun at the hotel pool, camping at the ocean, and keeping kids quiet and happy at fancy restaurants. Then read on for links to other posts and Pinterest boards from our Traveling With Kids summer series. We’ll help you PACK, PLAN, and PLAY with the best of ’em!

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1. Learning in Nature with Children

Camping on the Ocean

While “camping on the ocean” in Cape Disappointment State Park, travelin’ mama Marnie Craycroft had the following goal: to simply ‘be’ with my children in an organic rhythm of the days and nights. See what kid-friendly tools helped her and her boys explore this beautiful 2-mile stretch of beach around her campsite in Learning in Nature with Children.

2. Portable Fun for the Hotel Pool

Portable Hotel Fun

Ever had an exciting day of sightseeing or theme parks planned, only to have your kids NOT want to go ‘cuz it means leaving the hotel pool? Seasoned hotel-staying mom Tiffany Dahle prepares you for such a reality with a heads-up on how to make the most of this pooltime phenomena in Portable Fun for the Hotel Pool.

3. Romantic Dinners with Kids

Family Dinner Date

Before summer is over, steal away for a weekend trip — or even just a single night out someplace special — where you can get all dressed up, go out on the town, and eat a lovely meal while it’s still hot. Tiffany Dahle reminds us that family travel means taking the WHOLE family’s needs into consideration. Read Tiffany’s 5 tips for having a Family Date Night in her post Romantic Dinners with Kids.

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We hope this “ON the GO” series sparked some ideas and enthusiasm for your family vacation this year.

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