Swimming Games Round-Up (And Pool Party Tips!)

Whether you’ve got a tot you’re trying to coax to dip a toe in the water, or your kids are ready to do cannonballs off the side of the pool, we have you covered with swimming games, ideas, and pool party tips. So put on some goggles, sit back, and check out these splishin’-splashin’ pool-time fun ideas!

Poolside Birthday Party Tips

5 pool party tips

Learn how to throw a truly simple, stress-free, birthday party by taking the whole thing POOLSIDE. Just think: No cleaning the house, no craft activities, and everyone is SQUEAKY CLEAN when they’re done. Find out how to quickly put on an easy-breezy summer pool party in 5 Poolside Birthday Party Tips. You’ll wonder why you haven’t tried this idea sooner! (If your child doesn’t have a summer birthday, you can easily do this idea indoors at a hotel in the dead of winter, too.)


Pool Play Ideas for Every Personality

sunny patch pool toys

Pool time can be an amazing opportunity for physical and creative growth, as kids explore new ways to move, communicate, and face challenges. But for a lot of kids, the wide-open possibilities of pool play can be daunting. So, tell us: Have you ever built a floating sandwich? Picked up a jellyfish with your elbows? Tossed guppies into a shark’s mouth? C’mon . . . You know you want to! Find out about these creative water-play games and more to entertain your little water bug in the pool in Pool Play Ideas for Every Personality.

Swimming Games for Beginners

swimming skills for beginners

Does your child need to work on the basic techniques of swimming? Or is your little one still getting comfortable being in and around the water at all? Then check out this post on swimming games for beginners for water-play ideas to have your little one practice such things as bobbing underwater, holding their breath, finding/retrieving playtime items in the water, and all those classic swim instructor tricks for getting kids used to moving around in a swimming pool in ALL directions.


5 Fun Facts about Swimming

5 fun facts about swimming

You probably know that it’s easier to float in saltwater than in freshwater. But did you know that in the Dead Sea, which has very high salt content, people can float on the surface just like they’re on a raft? Check out YouTube for videos showing people, bowling balls, and other fun things floating in the Dead Sea. Cool, huh? Read about this and more in 5 Fun Facts about Swimming.

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We’re here to help keep your kids excited to be in the water from the FIRST splash of the season to the LAST.

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