Have A Beach Day In Your Own Backyard

summer fun calendarSummer is synonymous with sun and sand and surf, but what if you live in one of the land locked states or can’t get to the shore as often as you’d like?

Are you destined for a not so awesome summer? We think not.

Creating a backyard beach experience is simple to do and doesn’t cost much at all. Using a clear $10 rolling storage container and two bags of $3 sand, you can create the ultimate backyard beach party for less than $20!

Beach in a Box

To make a beach in your own backyard, you only need 3 ingredients:

– Sun,

– Sand

– and Water

but with a little ingenuity and repurposing of things you probably already have on hand you can have an awesome beach day in your backyard!

Beach in the Backyard

Ideas for an awesome backyard beach day:

Sit down and stay awhile. Provide ample seating for the children and the adults too. Your kiddos will be at this for awhile and if you make it comfy enough you’ll see how quickly this can turn in to a fun day for the WHOLE family!

Tip: We put long beach towels on either side of the sandbox for the kids and plenty of chairs around the play space.

Shape It. See how moldable our sand is? I’ve got a little secret for this, I added 3 large containers (36 oz.) of corn starch to our sand and mixed it in so the sand would hold it’s shape. It’s like magic! You may have to mix in a small bit of water to get the proper consistency, if your sand is already damp you may not even need to.

Tip: Check out Anna’s great recipe for moon sand for full instructions.

Lather Up. Just like a day at the real beach, be sure to protect your children from sunburns and UV rays. We keep a tube of sunscreen outside with us so we can reapply often.

Tip: If you have a patio umbrella, pull that over for extra shade.

Take breaks often. Just like if you were at the real beach building sandcastles, you would build for a while and then take a quick run in to the ocean. Have the garden hose handy to cool the kids off whenever they want to run around.

Tip: Hook up a sprinkler afterwards for the kids to run and play and wash any leftover sand off of themselves.

Create a rehydration station. What’s more refreshing than some ice cold lemonade? We whipped up a big batch and hauled it outside with us in a big jug to keep sandy legs and feet from running in and out of the house all day.

Make this an outdoor toy box! One of the best parts of this rolling beach in a box is the extra storage space that comes with it. We were able to fit all of their sand play items (minus the buckets) into the box and lock it shut till it’s ready to be played with next time. The more spoons, cups, saucers, buckets, pans, cookie cutters, shovels, etc you have the more kids you can entertain.

Tip: This would be a fantastic idea for a birthday party, gathering or playdate.

Portable Backyard Beach Box

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