7 Easy Sand and Water Table Sensory Activities

Summer Calendar_Icon4This sensory activity was created for our “Summer Fun” calendar series by guest blogger Rebecca (A Beautiful Ruckus).  


Now that summer is in full swing, we find ourselves spending more and more time outside. The kids love it because they get to explore all that the big world has to offer, and Mommy loves it because they work off some energy and take a great afternoon nap!


Today, I’d love to share with you about one of our favorite backyard activities. We have a new-to-us Sand and Water Table that our kids can’t get enough of. It’s the perfect way to continue  exploring with sensory activities while letting them dig in the dirt in the process: a win for everyone involved!


A Sand and Water Table has two sides. One side is devoted to sand and the other side is devoted to water.  Add a few toys, and the sensory activities that you can do with it are endless!
Texture. Our kids enjoyed seeing the grainy texture of sand transformed into mud when they added it to the water. Our first science project? It just might be!
Splashing. Having water droplets hit our skin was a favorite activity. The bigger the toy used to splash, the bigger the water droplets that ended up on the kids.
Scooping. With two sides to scoop from and a big bowl in between, we learned that water and sand have different weights and pour back out of our measuring cups at different speeds.
Funneling. One of the most unique toys we have for our table is a funnel.  We watched the sand and water pour through the neck of the funnel at different speeds and listened to the difference they made as they fell back into the table.


Head over to A Beautiful Ruckus to read the rest of Rebecca’s post. She has four additional sensory activities, plus photos of her kids demonstrating how to do them. Do you have a favorite backyard sensory activity? Leave a comment below or join us on our Facebook page!

Rebecca Ishum lives with her husband, Sean, and their two-year-old quadruplets in Kansas City. She writes a parenting/lifestyle blog about raising her unique family at A Beautiful Ruckus and is a freelance writer for local parenting magazines. She loves documenting as many little moments about her kids, motherhood, and marriage as possible: the good, the bad, and the silly! You can find her at A Beautiful Ruckus and also on Facebook.

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