Traveling with Kids: 5 ON the GO Tips & Tricks

{Family Traveling Tips & Tricks} 3 families from across the nation "On the Go" with Melissa & Doug!Enjoy these helpful ideas for traveling with kids from our summer series we’re calling On the Go with Melissa & Doug.

You followed our Pre-trip Planning Tips and the car is all packed. You’re ready to leave the driveway to set off on your family vacation.

All that’s left to do is to GO!

To help you out along the way, we’ve gathered our travelin’ mamas’ most recent articles on how to keep kids happy, learning, and having fun WHILE EN ROUTE to (and upon arriving at) your destination.

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Keeping Kids Entertained While Traveling

road trip sanity saversTiffany Dahle (Peanut Blossom) shares her sanity-saving tips to make traveling with kids as clean, comfortable, and entertaining as possible. Find out how this travelin’ mama kept things stress-free for herself and her family on their 8-hour summer road trip in her post Keeping Kids Entertained While Traveling.

ON the GO Backseat Learning

{ON the GO Backseat Learning} *5 traveling games for kidsA long car ride can either be an adventure or a drag. Zina Harrington (Let’s Lasso the Moon) shares 5 classic ways to keep your child entertained and learning while traveling. Armed with a new take on 5 classic road-trip games, you’re sure to turn your traveling time into an exciting family adventure!

(After you’ve tried  these family games, if you need a bit of downtime, read Zina’s creative ways to keep your screen-time educational and hassle-free in the car.)

Stress-Free Travel Tips: Letting Kids Lead

letting kids leadWhile on vacation, little ones often feel powerless — they’re thrust into unfamiliar surroundings and are often stuck in uncomfortable situations like being restricted in car seats, waiting in long lines, and sleeping in strange beds. So how can you help ease these stresses on your children? Restore this loss of control by letting them “be in charge” for a while on vacation. Zina walks parents through:

  • Introducing the concept of “taking the lead” to your child (and all the responsibilities that come along with the job)
  • How to help your child make sound decisions for themselves (and the family as a whole)
  • What it means to have “Vacation Yes Moments”
  • …and more.

Read Zina’s full post for all of her fabulous details on how to help reduce the stress and unease that being away from home can put on your little ones.

4 Ways to Stay Happy in Hotel Rooms

4 ways to stay happy in hotel roomsAfter the initial excitement of getting to stay in a hotel wears off, your kids (and YOU!) might start to long for a bit more “breathing room.” Read Tiffany’s favorite ways to keep your family comfortable in the sometimes tight confines of hotel rooms. Check out Tiffany’s entire post here to read her tips for helping your family stay organized, happy, and entertained during an extended hotel stay.

Have a Hotel Picnic

MDgranolaWhile fast-food and vending machines are fine in a pinch, they soon take a toll on your pocketbook and your health. Keep the “crankies” at bay with Tiffany’s tips for keeping your away-from-home dining budget in check with delicious, healthy, and affordable breakfast staples dressed up as “Hotel Picnics.” {It’s GENIUS, right?} Visit her full post to read all about her filling, portable, low-mess treats — that can be made in advance at home. And the best part? For less than the price of ONE hotel breakfast for a family of 4, you’ll have breakfasts for your entire trip! {You’re welcome!}

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Check in with our traveling bloggers — Zina Harrington, Tiffany Dahle, and Marnie Craycroft — as they continue to share their “field-tested” tips for keeping kids happy, learning, and entertained during your vacation and on the ride home. Follow along — every Thursday through July — at our Melissa & Doug “On the Go” hub and our Traveling with Kids Pinterest board.

{On the Go with Melissa & Doug} *Practical traveling tips and tricks for families.Which “On the Go” tips are you planning to try?

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