Simple Summertime Science Lessons for Kids

summer fun calendarThis summer science activity is provided by Guest Blogger Kim Vij of The Educators’ Spin On It.

Let's Learn About the Scientific Method with Kids of All Ages!

This science activity is a great way to introduce your child to the Scientific Method (they are never too young to start!).  (The scientific method is the way scientists get from asking a question to finding an answer.)

 First, Introduce Your Child to the Steps in the Scientific Method: 

  • Make a guess – hypothesis.
  • Take a look- observations.
  • Write down observations – data.
  • Make a picture of what you observed – graph, charts, tables.
  • Decide what it means – conclusions.

Next, Ask Your Child: “What would make a good science concept to discover?”  

You might want to consider giving some suggestions to your child from the things you can see in the area around your house, like Butterflies, Worms, Frogs, Ladybugs, Birds, Rainbows, Clouds, Rain, Wind, Effects of Sunlight, or Plants. Has your child watched a caterpillar form into a chrysalis or a tadpole grows legs?  Do you plant a garden and watch it grow?  Are there a variety of bugs around?

Grab Your Tools! 

There are a few essentials you’ll need for a Scientific Method project, including:

Now, let the observations begin! Here are a few ways my family explored the scientific method together:


First, we took a peek in our yard and discovered that the frogs had laid eggs in the pond behind our house! So, we gathered a few to observe. My suggestion is to gather for a few days and return back to their home since it take a few months to make the complete change. You can always go back to check how they are doing.  Walk your child through the steps of the scientific method to discuss what they think will happen to the little frog eggs over time.

Summer Science with Melissa and Doug

We also found a few butterflies in our backyard, which are wonderful things to observe. You might consider finding or purchasing caterpillars for a Scientific Method project, and observing them as they make the transformation into butterflies.

Exploring Outdoors with Scientific Method with Kids this Summer

Create a Science Journal

Have your child ask questions about their science topic.  If they don’t know the answer, look them up together in a book from the library, and document findings in your Scientific Method journal (for younger children encourage them to draw their pictures first then describe with help if needed).

Printable Scientific Method Journal for Kids

What will you observe & discover this summer?

* * *

Headshot Kim VijKim Vij is the co-author of The Educators’ Spin On It. As an early childhood teacher and a mom of three, she’s learned many tips and tricks of parenting and teaching along the way in the past 20 years. She shares her “Educator’s Spin” on parenting issues and how to make learning playful and playtime meaningful.