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Summer Calendar_Icon4Is summer in full effect at your house yet? The later mornings, the ease of a more relaxed schedule, the all-too familiar sound of the most two repeated phrases during summertime – “I’m Bored!” and/or “I’m Hungry“.

My post today will help you nip both those phrases in the bud, teach some simple kitchen lessons, hopefully make for a few smiles and ooh’s and ahh’s, and save you some time in the kitchen as well!

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We live in Texas, where things start to heat up super early. We try to stay as cool as possible by starting our day with a super healthy, super yummy smoothie. They’re simple to make, highly nutritious and even portable for days when we are on the go or indulging in one of our favorite summer past times: “breakfast at the park“! (It’s far too hot by midday to play outdoors for us, so we get outdoors and active as early as we can.)

An active kid is a happy kid

Give your child something to do or help out with in the kitchen and smiles are sure to follow!

Here are three simple tips that help us stay happy in the kitchen:

1. Set up a smoothie shop – I have 3 kids, so in our house we rotate jobs at the smoothie shop – one child gets to choose the flavor and all ingredients, another helps Mom add all the ingredients to the blender, and the third gets to push the buttons. We’ve made it our little ritual, the kids even have a song they sing while waiting for the blender to finish. That’s how they know when it’s done.

2. Make Once, Enjoy Twice – We always seem to make too much of our smoothies, but now that we have started freezing them to enjoy as sweet treats later smoothie time has become even more fun. These cupcake molds make adorable frozen treat cups for our leftover smoothies.

3. Cute Always Wins – Snacks are always more fun when their cute, even little ones can help make snack time fun time when using plastic cookie cutters or these sweet sand molds like we did to cut our watermelon.

Be sure to check out Stacy’s full post on to get the recipe for the yummy Cherry Berry smoothies seen here and more fun snack ideas. Do you have a favorite cool snack for the kids during the summer? Share it with us in the comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook.

Stacy Teet of KidsStuffWorld.comStacy Teet is the military mom–turned-supermom behind KidsStuffWorld. Her writing is chock-full of tips for enjoying parenthood, saving money, entertaining your kids and making your family’s life a bit simpler. Check out her website,, or follow her on PinterestInstagram or the KSW Facebook page.

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