Travel Postcard & Pen Pal Projects for Kids

summer fun calendarAre your kids going away to a summer camp? Are you taking a family road trip? Do your kids miss their school friends ALREADY?

Here’s a “bushel and a peck” of ideas to keep everyone feeling connected & cared about this summer — all while practicing writing, spelling, & storytelling skills!


3 Writing Ideas for Little Travelers

1. Sneaky Surprise Notes

letterwritingkit1.jpgWhile traveling, your kids might get a bit anxious and unsettled staying in unfamiliar surroundings. Make a point to become Travel Pen Pals. You can leave hidden pictures, love notes, and letters for each other to find under a pillow at night or under a breakfast dish in the morning. It’s a great way to share feelings — or just spread a little love. You can create your own letter-writing kit before you leave home, to be sure you’ll have everything you need. (Read how one dad even used this note approach throughout the year to connect with his son during a busy time at work.)

2. Stamp a Message

Stamp a message

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Choose a special person whom your child misses while “on the road,” and talk about what the child would like to write about in a special letter. Then have your child stamp the message – letter by letter – in all sorts of fun colors and mail it.

3. Pretend Mailbox Fun

Pretend Mailbox FunIf your summer trips have you visiting relatives you don’t often get to see, you can have your child play “Mail Carrier” and slide notes and pictures under their doors. The recipients can choose a family member, add their own message on the back side, and leave it in a designated place for your child to collect and re-distribute.

Read the full post here to get the scoop on all three of these Writing Ideas for Little Travelers.

Or print copies of our ready-made “Greetings from…” and “Camp Fun” postcards for children to decorate, write out, and mail while away from home this summer.

Postcard_1 Postcard_2

STAYCATION” Postcard Art Project

Staycation PostcardStaying close to home this summer? No problem. Your kids can join in the writing fun, too!

Have your children use their imaginations to design and write out their own customized postcards using cardstock, scissors, markers, and stickers. Get creative!

Children can:

  • Create their own pretend-play adventure, complete with a picture and story of a real place they’ve visited in the past or would like to visit one day
  • Pretend to be a favorite character from a book, a movie, or an imaginary world
  • Draw a scene from your house and tell a story of what he or she has done so far this summer

After spending some creative playtime designing and writing a story on the postcard, let your child put a stamp on, address the card, and put it in a mailbox to send off to a relative or a school friend. Get all the details for this Postcard Art Project here.

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