Inspirational Art Activity: Paint & Play Like Monet!

Summer Calendar_Icon4Sneak in a little summertime learning with this “Celebrity for a Day” art activity! Your child will learn some fascinating facts about the famous artist, Monet, and enjoy creating their own masterpieces as well. Begin your Monet holiday with a kid-friendly book about the famous French Impressionist painter. For extra giggles, consider using a faux-French accent when reading to younger children. To try:

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Here are some tips for having a fantastic Monet-inspired day:

  1. A picnic in the park can be a great setting for this celebrity outing. Pack kid-approved treats like bread, cheese, and fruit (very French!). Don’t forget a blanket.
  2. Dress the part. Outfit your child in an artist’s smock, overalls, or paint-spattered art clothing. Go all-out with a long, fake beard.
  3. Carry art supplies to your destination. Set up an easel with an easel paper roll or paper pad and set out different-size paint brushes, poster paints, and watercolors.
  4. Bring a picture of one of Monet’s works and recreate it together, or take inspiration from the landscape around you and create a new masterpiece.
  5. Share some age-appropriate Monet trivia focused on his artistic genius:
  • When Monet was only 11, he studied at a school for the arts and would sell charcoal caricatures.
  • Throughout his life, Monet was fascinated with nature and took every advantage to highlight trees, plants, grass, flowers, and water in many of his paintings.
  • Monet became known as an “Impressionist” – a title taken from his painting, “Impression, Sunrise.” The brush strokes were lively, spontaneous, and captured the moment. The painting had an unfinished look, which was very different from the paintings of artists before him.
  • Monet painted the same objects again and again, but at different times of day or year. Examples include his paintings of haystacks, views of the River Seine, the Gare Saint-Lazare, poplars, the River Thames, and his series of water lilies.
  • Claude Monet died in Giverny, France on December 5, 1926. It was many years before people appreciated his work, but today he is known as one of the best painters to have ever lived.

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