A Day at the Beach – “Best of the Best” Ideas

summer fun calendarIt’s summer . . . everyone head to the beach!  Here’s our “Best of the Best” beach and sand-play activities — all in one convenient location. Enjoy!

Play Beach Detectives

Beach DetectivesWearing sunglasses and a hat as a disguise, children can sift through the sand to reveal “clues.” Have your kids use their imaginations to make up a story that explains the “clues” they found: White rocks = Dinosaur eggs. Yellow rocks = Gold. Snail shells = well, MISSING SNAILS! Let your little detectives create and solve their own mystery. Read our full post to find out all the clever implements children can use to bring this Beach Detectives game to life.


5 Tips for an Unforgettable Day at the Beach

5 tips for an unforgettable day at the beachMake your next trip to the beach a BIG HIT with our 5 tips for an unforgettable day at the beach.

You know to bring  a variety of sand-play tools, but did you ever think to include recyclable containers that kids will willingly share — without worry or tears? And you probably have your kids build sand castles, but how ’bout having your own and other children WORK TOGETHER to build an entire sand castle community? Want more clever beach-time tips like these? Read our full post here.

Beachy Learning

beachy learningDisguised as play, beach-time fun is a perfect way to sneak in some summer learning. Play tic-tac-toe to work on problem-solving. Try to spell a word in the sand before the waves wash it away. Search the sand to find and collect beach “treasures.” Then use them to practice counting, skip-counting, and sorting. Get the scoop on more ways to play (and learn) at the beach in our full Beachy Learning post here.

Plus, learn how sand and water play can improve children’s creativity, as well as their math, science, language, and social-emotional skills in our post Skill Building through Sand Play.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Skin Healthy This Summer

5 tips for keeping your child's skin healthyWhile it’s great to have all this FUN in the SUN, be sure your child’s skin is being properly protected from sunburn, mosquitos, chapping, and more. Read these 5 tips for keeping your child’s skin healthy this summer.

And if you want to avoid the sun entirely (or if the weather simply doesn’t cooperate with your plans), you can still enjoy some beach-themed activities INDOORS. . .

Read on!


Beach Scene Printable

Beach Day PrintableDownload our beach-themed printable page. Then decorate by gluing on some colored sugar crystals to create your own bright-n-sandy beach scene. Get the details here.

Or you could always . . .

Hit the beach — INDOORS

hit the beach - INDOORS!Can’t get to the beach today? Why not bring it to YOU! Grab a towel and a swimsuit to create some indoor beach fun — no sunscreen required. Children can paint an ocean backdrop to hang on a wall. Then create a deep, blue sea with towels or blankets, and add sea creatures galore! A brown blanket can even become your own private beach, complete with lounge chairs and blocks to build “sand castles.” Read our full post to see lots more clever ideas and pictures for bringing the fun of the beach INDOORS!

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Be sure to check out our “Summer Fun” calendar and Summer Pinterest board — each full of more educational activities, crafts, and games to keep your children busy and learning this summer.

Join us as we celebrate the joys of creative play – every day.

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