Tips & Printables to Keep Kids READING over the Summer

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 While summer time might mean you get a break from being a nightly “homework helper” for the next few months, as parents it’s important to still have your kids read and write over the summer. Summer reading loss is real. Don’t let your kids slip backward in their skills — There’s lots of EASY ways to keep them reading this summer.

  • Join your public library’s Summer Reading Program.
  • Check out the International Reading Association’s Recommended Reading Lists and have your kids choose their favorites.
  • Encourage your children to read different genres and types of materials. Let them read magazines, comic books/graphic novels, animal handbooks, or encyclopedias of movie characters they love.

It’s not important WHAT they read over the summer, just THAT they read. Keeping reading FUN and ENJOYABLE is the trick to success.

To make the task even more engaging, feel free to download our printable bookmarks that your kids can color and customize.

Printable Bookmarks

And check out our FREE printable Summer Reading Log to keep track of how many and which books your children read. It’s a great way to find out your kids’ favorite genres, characters, and interests. You can ask questions like “What did you learn?” “What was your favorite part?” or “Tell me about a funny thing So-and-So did in the story.”


Be sure to model reading for enjoyment this summer YOURSELF. Having a daily READ-n-CHAT Time — along with a tall glass of lemonade — is a great way to slow down, relax, and really connect with your kids this summer!

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Visit our blog each week to check out our “Summer Fun” calendar and our Summer Pinterest board — each full of educational activities, crafts, games, and more to keep your children busy and learning this summer.SummerCalendar_Icon1