Tips for Adding Another Language to your Summer Games

Summer Calendar_Icon4This summer language study post is provided by Guest Blogger Kim Vij of The Educators’ Spin On It.

Let's Add a New Language to Our Summer Games!

Summertime is a great time to learn something new with children!  Learning a new language is a fun element to add to your summer play.  Spanish, French, and Mandarin are in many preschool curriculums but are not as very easy to find in elementary schools.  Let’s take this time with our kids at home to learn a few new words in another language.

Learning another language can help children grow in a variety of ways.  Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of second language learning not only on student’s linguistic abilities but on their cognitive and creative abilities as well.

Experience Games in another Language

We recently pulled out a few toys that we’ve had for many years to see how we can refresh them for summer.  A game that involves colors can become that same color but in a different language!  The game “Candyland” is a simple game for this use.  As with many games, you can change out cards to different languages and pictures easily but still keep the same principles of the game they love!

Learning a New Language with Games

Puzzles with a new Twist

Take your puzzles to a whole new level by creating an “I Spy Game” with new words from another language!  We simply take the images that exist in our puzzle and then research them together in another language, write them down and then create a printable to recreate our puzzle.

Learning a New Language with Puzzles

Make a New Language Book

Once you’re done with the word cards you can encourage your child to make a quick “All About __” book with the topic you focused on.  Themed Subject areas are the easiest to start with and look up online.  Some examples of areas of focus might be Animals, Foods, Family Names, Colors, Shapes & Numbers. Here are a few printables to get you started!  Print HERE!

Learning a New Language with Clothing

Additional Ideas for Learning a New Language

Are you interested in additional resources for learning a new language?  Here’s a quick video with a few simple tips for incorporating a new language at home.

How do you help your child learn a new language? Share your tips in the comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook

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