Summer Fun Calendar Kickoff

Summer Calendar_Icon4Let the Summer Fun begin! Welcome to the Melissa & Doug “My Summer Calendar” blog series. Every Monday, right here on our blog, we’ll reveal a new week’s worth of original activities, crafts, games, and more to keep your kids occupied all summer-long.  We encourage you to print the calendar and keep it in a visible spot: It may provide some inspiration when you really need it (like during those unexpected rainy days!)

You can download and print this week’s interactive calendar here, or by clicking the image below. To learn more about our Summer Calendar series, and get links to every weekly calendar after it’s posted, click here.


Here’s a quick overview of what’s included this week:

–          6 Activities to Get Kids Excited to Play Outside

–          End of School Wind-Down: Don’t Forget the Teachers! (Gratitude Cards Craft)

–          How to Make an Indoor Obstacle Course (Without Destroying Your Home)

–          How to Establish a Summertime Routine

–          7 Stellar Sidewalk Games to Enjoy During Summer

Plus, don’t forget: June 8th is National Best Friends Day! To celebrate, here are some tips for helping your preschooler develop healthy friendships.

We hope you enjoy this summer calendar as much as we enjoy sharing these ideas with you. Thanks to our wonderful blog contributors, we have quite the line-up prepared. So stay tuned: We’re just getting started…

~Your friends at Melissa & Doug.