Stress-Free Travel Tips: Letting Kids Lead

traveling with kids resources This summer, we are “hitting the road” – and providing you with some fantastic traveling resources along the way! Every Thursday, right here on our blog, we’ll give you the inside scoop from three top-rated blogger moms on their favorite tips and tricks for traveling with kids. This week, we’re getting some tips from Zina  (Lasso the Moon) as she shares her tips for helping reduce the stress that travelling can potentially put on your child.

In Zina’s post, she explains that traveling can have quite a stressful impact on kids: Not only are they away from home and everything familiar, but oftentimes caught in uncomfortable situations like waiting in line, being restricted in car seats, and sleeping in strange beds. Her solution? Help your child relax by letting them “be in charge” for a while.


Read Zina’s full post for recommendations on:

– How to introduce your child into the concept of “taking the lead” (and everything that comes along with it).

– Ways to enable your child to make decisions for themselves (and even for you).

– What it means to have “Vacation Yes Moments”, and more.

For parents, this may end up being just as “new’ for you as it is for your child. This will mean taking a step back, at times, and truly letting your child lead the way (no “hurry ups” or extra guidance, needed.) However, in case things don’t work out exactly according to plan, Zina also recommends that parents:

– Offer leadership within limits, and

– Have a bailout plan (for potential meltdowns or dismal moods.)

Learn more over on Lasso the Moon.


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