Fun in the Sun – Beach Scene Printable!

Download, print and decorate your very own free beach scene printable!

Even if the weather doesn’t always cooperate, you can still enjoy a little sandy, sunny time at the beach! All you need is an indoor beach activity, or our beach scene printable coloring page.

Print a few copies of this beach scene printable for your kids and their friends this weekend, and get everyone excited for the summer ahead! Use some easy-grasp crayons or washable markers, and brighten up the picture with all of your favorite colors.

For a little extra sensory fun, grab some glue and sugar crystals (or some real sand from your sandbox) and create a realistic scene with a little bit of glue! What about a piece from a cotton ball to be the floating cloud?

To download and print your own beach scene printable page, click here or on the image below.

Beach-Day!-Printable_blog beach scene printableAdd a creative, unexpected sensory experience to this beach scene printable using a little bit of glue to stick some sand on the sand castle drawings!

For those sunny days when you’re far from the shore, you can enjoy some beach themed play in your own backyard or sandbox, using these creative playdate ideas!

We would love to see what your child creates! Capture a photo and share it with us on Facebook, or Instagram (tag @MelissaAndDougToys, #MelissaAndDoug).