Keep Kids Entertained While Traveling

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Check out some great ways to keep kids entertained during all of those family trips!

We’re getting some simple and practical family travel tips from our Blog Ambassador Tiffany of Peanut Blossom. Tiffany shares her mom-tested tips to help us learn creative, portable ways that can help keep kids entertained while traveling.

Keep Kids Entertained: Family Travel Tips

In her blog post, Tiffany shares 3 tips that will make traveling with kids stress-free (and even fun!) As she prepared for her own 8-hour road trip, she focused on:

1) Keeping it Clean: This means starting, literally, with a “clean slate” in your car. A cluttered mess will only become messier while on-the-road, so ensure that you have a system for where everything, including the garbage, will go.

2) Making a Comfortable Environment for Kids: Propped feet, familiar friends, and and sweet treats will help ease any travel anxiety or discomfort for kids. See how Tiffany provided a safe and cozy environment for her kids during their 8-hour drive in her full post.

3) Provide Entertainment for your Little Travelers: From music to interesting travel games, Tiffany shares some great tips to help distract kids who want to keep asking, “Are we there yet?” 500 times. (They may still ask 50 times. They are kids, after all!)

What are your sanity-saving tips for making the traveling process an enjoyable one? Share with us in the comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook.

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  1. MTMamacita says:

    So you wonder what a long trip is…..HHHMMM from Helena Montana to a small mountain town in Oaxaca state in Mexico…5 days and 4 night on the road. It is a long trip. We put in longer hours now that our kids aren’t super small…they will be 5 and 7 1/2 (as my daughter likes to say) this summer when we drive south.