Teaching Storytelling Skills – 3 Story Starters (Plus Printable!)

Sometimes, a simple story prompt is all you need to inspire hours of creative, imaginative play with your child. Whether you’re telling silly stories, or recapping a past event, the art of telling a good story is one every child should practice as they continue to develop their reading, writing and storytelling skills. This Story Starters printable can help get you started, while involving your child in the process every step of the way.

First, discuss with your child what a “story” is. Explain that all stories have a beginning, middle, and end, and share the different kinds of stories that your child enjoys the most (Mysteries? Fairy Tales? Adventures?)

Story starters printableNext, grab the Story Starters printable and explain that you’re going to create your VERY OWN story together! Grab a few essentials as well:


Ask your child to color the objects on the Story Starters printable and identify what they see (for early readers, practice reading the words out loud, too). Then, cut along the dotted line to create story starter cards, and let the storytelling begin.

Here are 3 prompts to kick-off your creative fun:

  1. Turn the story starter cards over (or put them in a hat). Then, choose a card, one-at-a-time, and use that to structure how you create your story. With each new card you pick, write down a new wacky twist to your story.
  2. Create a “chapter book” that’s six chapters long (one for each card). Choose a story starter card to begin your “book” with. Then, choose your next story card for a new chapter, and so on. (The best part will be trying to pick a book title for your silly story!)
  3. Gather up family members or friends, and provide each person with a story card. Go around in a circle and ask each person to contribute a sentence in the story using the object card they have received. Ask someone to write the wacky stories down so you can go back and re-read them for a few giggles in the future!

Looking for more storytelling inspiration? Check out this recent blog post, which shares 7 ways to practice storytelling using stickers.

 Writing a Story with Stickers Beginning Middle and End Image 3

What stories did your child create? Share with us in the comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook. Snap some photos of your child’s storytelling fun and tag us on Instagram at #MelissaAndDoug or @MelissaAndDougToys!

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