A Special Mother’s Day Message from Melissa

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked Melissa: “What advice would you share to your fellow moms today?” 

Here are some of her insights:

“After going through a whole bunch of teenage years, my philosophy on motherhood changed.  But don’t fear:  This is not a tear-jerker.  It’s really just a very healthy shift on my part toward becoming more realistic, which I desperately needed and can now only be viewed as positive personal growth.

As a new (and young) mother, I was very, very idealistic.  I expected (and felt I deserved) a certain level of appreciation from my children. As they entered their teenage years, although I never outwardly expressed my disappointment, I often found myself wondering why reality wasn’t matching my idealistic view of how it was “supposed” to be.  It took me a few tough years of internal strife to realize that I needed to adjust my expectations, or I was going to become a very angry, bitter old woman!  So, I truly trained myself to expect nothing in terms of gratitude or appreciation when it came to my teenagers, but instead be pleasantly surprised AND VERY GRATEFUL whenever and however it came.

It took months to re-train myself, but this mindset shift changed my life.  Suddenly, instead of keeping a checklist of every negative, I was only focusing on the positives.  And although I had convinced myself that there were very few acts of appreciation when I was ticking off the omissions, the truth was that every day DID hold numerous gold nuggets…I just needed to be looking for them.

I approach Mother’s Day in the same fashion.  I don’t ever expect a big celebration or lots of gifts, but enjoy anything and everything that comes my way.  Because I truly believe that despite the trials and tribulations, it is a blessing and tremendous gift to be a mother and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”


To all the mamas out there: We wish you lots of family fun, plenty of hugs, and appreciation for all you do…this Mother’s Day and all year round!