Mother’s Day Gifts from A to Z

Something to WEAR? Something to DO? Something to READ? We’ve got it all. From bright and flowery to subtle and secret. We’ve got a range of gift ideas that’ll make Mom say everything from “Ahhhhh…” to “ZOWIE!” this Mother’s Day.

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Beaded Necklaces for Mom









Need a handmade Mother’s Day gift for a mom, grandma, or special mother in your life? Kids can explore their creativity as they make colorful beaded Mother’s Day necklaces. Beading gives children a chance to build fine-motor skills while learning how to create a symmetrical pattern on either side of their chosen pendant. Beautiful wooden beads create a lovely, cheery necklace any woman would be proud to wear!

Mother’s Day: Make It More Than a Phone Call


This year, decide if your Mother’s Day gift should include an activity to do WITH Mom, or some time cut out just FOR Mom. If “Family Time” is what she’s after, then List #1 is chockfull of ways to spend some quality time making memories together (e.g., planting a tree or going on a picnic). If “Alone Time” is harder for Mom to come by, offer her special items from List #2 to help recharge her batteries (e.g., going for a solo walk or reading a book uninterrupted). Either way, the focus of these Mother’s Day ideas isn’t on getting something; it’s on doing — or NOT doing something to make Mom’s day truly special.

Give Mom a Box of Love

Box of Love (2)A Box of LOVE? Yup — It’s in there. This sweet handmade Mother’s Day box ties up a child’s love for Mom with a pretty bow. When Mom reads her child’s handwritten poem explaining what’s hiding inside, there won’t be a dry eye in sight. This timeless and treasured gift is guaranteed to pull at Mom’s heartstrings. Learn how to make your own Box of Love here.

Cards, Notes, & Picture Frames

mother's day printablesNeed a card, note, or frame to go with your gift? Choose one of our quick-n-easy Mother’s Day printables to color and customize.

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