Mom to Mom Tips: 7 Ways to Prep for Baby # 2 (or 3, or 4!)

To help celebrate Mother’s Day this week, we’ve been asking you to share your favorite “Mommy Moments” on our Facebook page.  One exciting (but sometimes scary) moment for many moms is getting ready for the arrival of a new little family member! So, we asked our group of amazing bloggers to share some of their advice about how to get the family (and you) ready for baby # 2 (or 3…or 4…).

getting ready for baby


1) “Get a friend to help you throw some freezer meals together. When you’re sleep deprived and stumbling over piles of dirty laundry, it’s comforting to know that dinner just needs to get thrown in the oven – no prep or grocery shopping necessary.”- Roo Ciambriello, NeonFresh.

2) “Every child is unique. When our second daughter arrived a mere 15 months after our first I thought, “I’ve got this family-meeting-300x300 (2) baby thing down.” Be prepared to learn it all over again. Everything that worked with my little quiet blondie fails with my spirited curly-haired brunette. Embrace your children’s differences right from the get-go and the magical days of infant-hood will be smoother.  – Zina Harrington, Let’s Lasso the Moon

3) “My advice for parents with growing families is to let go of control and try to be as organic with routines and rhythms as possible. Choose not to be anxious about sleeping arrangements, for example, like with my situation. Having two children so close together forced me to optimize for sleep and rest for the whole family. For us that meant a family bed! Never in a million years did I think having a family bed would be part of our life. It works for us and I chose to relish in the moments to connect with my children rather than be anxious about or fight the situation. – Marnie Craycroft, Carrots Are Orange

4) “I remember the week before baby #2 came into our lives. I was overcome with emotions and worried my firstborn might not get enough of my time, or my love, or attention. I doubted our decision to have our children so close in age …. he was still a baby himself (14 months), but all those feelings faded away the moment she was born.

If I could tell a mother expecting or adopting her second or third or however many child anything, it would be this: a mother’s heart is made to expand. There are no limits to the love you will have for one child or fifteen or one hundred and fifteen. Your heart will stretch and stretch and keep on stretching to make room for everyone. Life and love will find a way, don’t worry, you are mother enough for both/all of them. –  Stacy Teet, Kids Stuff World.

5) “Talk with your older child about the fun and exciting parts of being an older sibling, but also mention the things that may not be so exciting such as a baby who cries, sleeps a lot, spits up, has dirty diapers and needs a lot of mommy’s time and attention. I also think it’s important to mention that the baby will be very small and unable to play much the first few months. I learned later that my daughter thought her brother was going to be her size and an instant playmate.  – Adrienne Weeks, The Iowa Farmer’s Wife.

6) “Never assume you’ll get to your due date! My second baby was 12 days early… he came the day BEFORE I had planned a giant “stock the freezer” cooking/baking day. Ha! So I was a bit stressed to not have a lot of prepared foods ready when I got back home with the baby. Definitely do those “big” preparation items much much sooner!”  – Julie Kieras, Happy Strong Home

7) “It should come as no surprise that when your family GROWS, your unscheduled time SHRINKS. For moms who find themselves feeling overscheduled, may I share good ol’ sneaker- and sweater-wearing Mr. (Fred) Rogers’s advice: “One thing is certain: Children need lots of free, quiet time to get used to all that’s developing within them. Have you noticed that unhurried time by yourself or with someone you really trust can be the best setting for your own personal growth? It’s no different for children.” Sarah Thurs, The Polished Pen, Content Editor (Contributor to Melissa & Doug’s The Playtime Press blog and Guest Blogger on Let’s Lasso The Moon)


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