Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Kid Made Jewelry Dish for Mom

Our blog ambassador Valerie from Inner Child Fun made these sweet jewelry dishes with her daughter recently. These jewelry dishes are a quick, easy, and useful gift the kids can make for Mom this Mother’s Day!

kid made mother's day gift

To make your own, you will need oven bake clay, the Melissa & Doug alphabet stamp set, a rolling pin, and a muffin tin. Roll out the clay as you would a sheet of cookie dough, and use a round object as a guide to cut the clay (an empty large yogurt container works well for this). Invite your child over to stamp “Mom” onto the clay, or to use other Melissa & Doug stamps as desired. Position the clay on top of a flipped over muffin tin, and bake according to the clay’s instructions. Allow to cool completely. Paint, if desired. Allow the paint to dry completely.

For more information on this project and many other Mother’s Day gifts kids can make, visit Valerie’s blog at Inner Child Fun!