3 Mother’s Day Printables for Kids!

Help your child create something special this Mother’s Day with these three printables! Perfect for moms, grandmothers, aunts, or any special person in your child’s life, these quick and easy crafts are sweet, and sentimental (not to mention, easy!)

You’ll need:

- Child-safe scissors

- Crayons or markers

- Glue or tape

- A cherished 4×6″ photo

1) Mother’s Day Greeting Card Help your child give a card they’ll be proud of with a handmade Mother’s Day card! Ask your child to gather some markers or crayons, and color the card’s floral designs however they’d like. Then, cut along the dotted line, fold in half, and help your child write (or draw) a special Mother’s Day message.


2) Mini Notes with Matching Envelope!

These mini notes are perfect for budding writers! Help your child complete the sentence in each of the six mini “love notes”. Color the notes in, and cut them apart using child-safe scissors.


You can then either help your child make a mini envelope (using the printable provided), or place the love notes in any keeepsake box! (For an adorable “Box of Love” craft, see this recent blog post from our Blog Ambassador, Zina.)

3) Mother’s Day Picture Frame

Design a fabulous frame for a special mom in your life by asking your child to color the picture frame printable below. Then, glue or tape a special photo over the gray area, and present to mom (with a BIG hug and kiss!) Don’t forget to have the child sign and date the bottom of the frame!



What have been your most cherished homemade Mother’s Day gifts? Share with us in the comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook.


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