Camping With Kids: 4 Ways to Prepare for Your Family’s Adventure

traveling with kids resources This summer, we are “hitting the road” – and providing you with some fantastic traveling resources along the way! Every Thursday, right here on our blog, we’ll give you the inside scoop from three top-rated blogger moms on their favorite tips and tricks for traveling with kids. This week, we’re getting some tips from Marnie (Carrots are Orange) as she prepares to go camping with kids this summer.

Notes from Marnie: (Read her full post here)

“A top parenting goal for me in general is to create & to instill in my children a sense of awe & wonder for the world. Preparing children with skills and a proper mind set will lead them in the right direction of not only having fun but of actually building confidence while having the adventure. Feeling capable goes a long way in a young child.”

In this week’s post, you will find a four part approach to preparing children for a camping trip in the “wilderness” – through INDOOR CAMPING!

camping with kids

Kids generally love building forts using sleeping bags, tents, and even blankets. Indoor camping simply adds more structure and creates a pretend play activity. Read the full post to learn:

– How to get kids excited about indoor camping, and prepare the “campsite”

– How to sneak in some zoology and botany lessons…inside!

– Ways to keep kids entertained – without electronics!

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