Sneaking Therapy into Your Playtime

Integrating therapy practice into your everyday home activities is a great way to keep your child motivated and on task. Simply following the lead and interests of your child can open up exciting possibilities for reaching countless therapy goals.

Pretending to grocery shop is one way that Anchel Krishna and her husband Dilip work on their daughter Syona’s therapy goals at home in a natural and playful way.


  • Practical life & gross motor skills are practiced as Syona pushes a child-sized shopping cart, which provides support for her as she hangs on to the handle.
  • Dexterity & other fine motor skills are enhanced as Syona chooses and prepares pretend fruits that can be sliced and served for a “snack.”
  • Social skills & speech-language development are facilitated as Syona role-plays being a grocery store customer or a cook.

This simple, child-focused activity is an engaging way parents can play with their children at home, while accomplishing important physical, occupational, and speech therapy goals — all at the same time.

For more helpful ideas on integrating therapy into your everyday life, read Anchel & Syona’s full story.

What clever and fun ways have YOU discovered to sneak therapy
into your playtime?

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