Donate Magazines for Earth Day

This Earth Day post is provided by our guest blogger Roo of NEON FRESH

Happy Earth Day!  Here’s a fun and easy project to do with your kids that teaches them about recycling AND donating.

1) Provide some background:

First, I took a few moments to explain Earth Day to my 4.5 year old and 3 year old.  If you have kids this young, feel free to keep it brief.  Something simple like “Lots of garbage hurts the Earth, so it’s best to reuse something, give it away, or recycle it as often as we can,” works pretty well.

2) Practice “donating” everyday items:

I gave my kids a stack of old magazines, a pair of scissors, and let them know that we’d be donating our magazines.  Their job was to first cut out the address labels.  (I do it for privacy reasons, but a good explanation for kids is that putting our names on something means it’s ours, so we’re taking our names off because we’re giving the magazines away to other people.)  I drew a dashed line around the label as a guide for cutting.


Next. I cut up an old paper bag into strips and we used crayons to color some bookmarks to go along with the magazines.


My 4.5 year old wrote “Happy Reading!” on a piece of the paper bag, and the 3 year old colored it in. Then, we tied it up with green yarn, and – tada! – ready to donate.


Here are some places to donate magazines, if you’d like to do this with your children:

– Hospitals

– Retirement homes

– Libraries

– Women’s shelters

– Veterans’ centers

3. When in Doubt…Recycle:

If you have magazines that are “worn out” or with missing pages, use this as an opportunity to teach your child about recycling. Take them to your local recycling center, and discus the various ways you are reducing pollution by recycling certain items in your home. (For more tips on teaching your kids about recycling, visit this article from National Geographic).


How do you help your child understand the concepts of recycling and donating?
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