Traveling With Kids: Educational Pre-Trip Tips

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This summer, we are “hitting the road” – and providing you with some fantastic traveling resources along the way! Every Thursday, right here on our blog, we’ll give you the inside scoop from three top-rated blogger moms on their favorite tips and tricks for traveling with kids.

Zina Harrington of Let’s Lasso the Moon is taking her family to the Black Hills of South Dakota this summer. Though the trip is still two months away, she’s helping her kids prepare with a variety of lessons. For example, South Dakota is known for its fossils, so she’s using this as an opportunity to study dinosaurs!  Here’s a highlight of the seven tips she’s sharing today on her blog, and ways that you can make any travel adventure educational – AT HOME!

1) For starters, take a trip to your local library and gather up some “101 resources”. For Zina, this meant gathering up over 20 picture books about dinosaurs. Depending on where your travels are taking you this summer, you could explore books about certain types of animals, historical events, climates, and more.

2) Using our Dinosaur Stencils, Zina and her family created educational “reports” – including detailed facts and information about the dinosaurs they were exploring in their reading. Depending on your child’s age, this can be an excellent writing activity or simply a set of  drawings. Be sure to share some of the fun facts you’re learning about your subject matter together, as well.


Some other tips include:

  • How to use toys (like puzzles) to explore your subject
  • Ways to celebrate your topic with crafts and other project,
  • And more!

Read all of Zina’s seven suggestions for pre-trip learning here. 

What are some ways you incorporate educational activities into your pre-trip plans? Share with us in the comments, or join the conversation on Facebook!




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