Announcing the “Rainy-Day Giveaway” from Melissa & Doug and Highlights

April showers bring…the Rainy-Day Giveaway from Melissa & Doug and Highlights!

Join us for our first collaborative Pinterest contest with our fantastic partners at Highlights! Here’s how it works:

Rainy Day Giveaway


  1. Visit the Melissa & Doug/Highlights “Rainy-Day Fun” Pinterest board and “Follow” it
  2. On your Pinterest page, make a board titled “Rainy-Day Fun.”
  3. Pin least 2 items from and 2 Highlights resources that help your family get through rainy days! Tell us how in the comments below.
  4. Keep pinning! We love to see the boards that come up with creative activities and ideas! Plus, if you include a #MDHRainyDay hashtag, we’ll Follow your board!
  5. Complete your Rainy-Day Fun board by 11:59 ET on 5/10/13 and place its link in the form here. (Click here for promotion details.)
  6. One lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive a Rainy-Day Prize Pack from Highlights and Melissa & Doug! See details about the prize below!

Click here to submit your board

About The Rainy-Day Prize Pack!

Included in the Melissa & Doug/Highlights Rainy-Day Prize Pack is:

  • A selection of activity and reading books from Highlights
  • $100 to spend on Rainy-Day crafts & games from

Rainy Day Prize Pack

Happy pinning –and spread the word with your friends!


  1. Tiffany H. says:

    We clean on rainy days, we do lots of fun crafts, we bake/cook, or heck, we put our rain jackets/boots on and jump in those puddles!!

  2. Karen Chaffin says:

    Sometimes rainy days can be tough, but if we can do activities — we have a much better day. I like having quiet things for the kids to do. Reading books, putting puzzles together, and doing arts and crafts are great ways to help us through a rainy day.

  3. Rainy days, always seem a bummer to kiddos but I make sure to make it super fun with indoor activities . One of my favorite things to do is indoors is painting, Its always calmer and less messy, mors like a relaxed activity rather than outdoor painting where they get wildly creative. Also puzzles, bookd and board games! But nothing beats helping mom make cookies and hot cocoa on a cold rainy day =)

  4. Rainy days can still be fun. With your cute umbrellas and boots, we can do some puddle jumping and splashing, as long as it is warm outside. We also do crafts and baking on rainy days.

  5. Julianne Wiebe says:

    Baking together on rainy days is a nice way to pass the time. 🙂

  6. Elizabeth K says:

    Rainy Days are great! It’s fun to see how creative your kids can get when they are forced to stay inside. They play together or seperate and ideas flow all day!

  7. We like to play games, do puzzles, play with stickers, or just pretend. A blanket fort is always fun too! Of course going outside and jumping in puddles is always fun as well as using an umbrella.

  8. mamamissy says:

    Lots of music & dancing! Breaks inbetween for fingerpainting.

  9. Charlie Rose Mickey says:

    Love time to spend with kids both indoors and out. Dancing in the rain, jumping in puddles, waiting for the rainbow to shine through!

  10. Mikey P says:

    For rainy days that aren’t too bad out we will go outside with our rainboots and umbrellas and run in the rain! For the really bad days we love puzzles and color books! Also, Mackenna LOVES the Highlights apps! So fun! We are getting our subscription to High Five Magazine from Highlights soon. Mackenna loves to read it at the library and would be perfect for rainy days! Melissa and Doug/Highlights are two amazing resources for kids any day especially a rainy one!

  11. We have had so many rainy days around here that this prize package would definitely hit the spot with my little ones! We love Melissa and Doug toys at our house, and they are ones that I am constantly recommending (and gifting!) to friends and family! Will definitely be spreading the word about this contest!
    Thank you!

    • More specifically, we dig out the princess puzzles (for my three-year-old daughter) and the “flip-to-win” wooden games for my five-year-old son. We also like the sticker books and letter/alphabet puzzles for both kids!

  12. Jessica Parent says:

    We like to build forts on rainy days when its too cold to be out long-when its nice and not thundering we play in the rain (trampoline& puddle jumping) Puzzles crosswords,stories and video games are their favorite things to do

  13. We love make a tent out of sheets and take crayons and paper in there as well as her favorite toys and cushions another thing we love to do is paint or play with playdough. We also pretend cook & If that doesn’t do the trick we pretend play we are monsters or animals. We also like to read sometimes. 🙂

  14. any and all ideas for help with toddlers on a rainy day or days someone doesn’t feel 100% is always helpful and fun!! creative artistic and educational always a plus in our book!

  15. Nadia Perez says:

    I loved Highlights as a kid and now my Son does too! He’s only 3 so we do the hidden pictures puzzles and go on He also loves playing with his Joey doll and changing him into different careers. lol But his absolute favorite is his ABC train puzzle by Melissa and Doug, we only bring it out on rainy days. All of these keep his little imagination going.

  16. Serena Adkins says:

    We make a kids in the kitchen day. We bake and cook food while incorporating the math learning skills and we also color and make craft projects like clouds with rain drops and the rainbow with the sun representing when the rain is over.

  17. Crafts are the best solution for a Rainy day! My oldest loves to paint with her Melissa and Doug brushes!

  18. Paula Huie says:

    we love to snuggle and read on rainy days as well as do crafts and lot of puzzles! my 22m old is a puzzle addict!
    i like the closeness that a rainyday brings spending time together

  19. Stephanie says:

    Has the winner been announced and I missed it!


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