Charming Cherry Blossom Craft for Kids

What’s your favorite springtime flower? For many, early spring is associated with beautiful cherry blossoms, as people gather in various cities to watch them bloom. In case you don’t have some cherry blossoms nearby (or maybe it’s still a bit too chilly to enjoy them!) here’s a charming (and easy!) cherry blossom craft for kids!


- Sturdy construction paper

- Child-safe scissors

- Pink tissue paper

- Glue


1) Trace and cut out a tree trunk with branches. (This is cute if you trace a child’s arm and hand as well!)

cherry-tree-1 small

2) Glue the tree to another piece of paper.

3) Cut or tear off a small piece (approx 5in x 1in) of pink tissue paper. Crumble it up, and then glue to a tree branch.


4) Repeat until the tree just the way the child likes it!

cherry-tree-3 small


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