Telling Time with “Bye-Bye Balloon Press & Spin Game”

Last week, Kim Lewis, M.Ed., CCC-SLP (from Activity Tailor) shared some wonderful speech and language skill builders using our Bye-Bye-Balloon Press & Spin game. Today, she’s sharing some tips on using the game to help kids learn to understand the concept of telling time. Check out her ideas below, and share with us in the comments below (or on Facebook) how YOU help your child understand this tricky concept. 

I can’t imagine leaving the house without my watch. As adults, so much of our day runs off of times, schedules and logistics.

Even before actually learning to tell time, kids are bombarded with time and order concepts.  From “You can have a cookie after dinner,” to “Clean your room before we go to the playground,” a solid understanding of these concepts will help curb tantrums in preschoolers and assist a school aged child in following classroom directions.

Games are a logical way to work on “before” and “after” since they offer lots of opportunities for practice in a structured format with immediate reinforcement.

After my turn, you go again.”

“Let your brother finish his turn, before you take yours.”

I adapt the game play of “Bye-bye Balloon,” for even more practice by having the child press the spinner 3-5 times, each time adding the appropriate colored balloon to a “train” while I narrate.

Bye Bye Balloon Game

Before you spin again, let’s find the matching balloon.”

After you spun a red balloon, you spun a yellow one.”

“Wow! You got two blue balloons after you spun an orange one.”

Once the train is completed, I might ask questions, “What color did you spin before purple?” and assist them in using the train of balloons to discover the answer.

Bye Bye Balloon Game Sequence

Time to give it a try!

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