3 April Fools’ Day Tricks for Kids

Whether it’s April Fools’ Day or any day, it’s important to get kids–and parents–laughing a little each day.  Smiles are good for the spirit, and laughter IS the best medicine.

April Fools' Day
In the spirit of of a little good-natured joking, check out what snacks and sweets got our Blog Ambassador Amy (of teachmama.com) and her family doing a bit of extra smiling:

Click here to read Amy’s full post and see:

– If her kids fell for the “real food/fake food” challenge

– What it takes to make chicken wings…from Rice Krispie treats (!)

– How to make googly-eyed breakfast snacks,

– and more!

Does your family do anything light-hearted or fun for April Fools’ Day? Share your tips and “tricks” in the comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook!

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  1. Once my girls got the hang of it this morning (they are 4 and almost 3), they couldn’t stop! They faked sickness with their grandmother to stay home from pre-school, we told Daddy to wake up and shovel because it was snowing outside, they hid stuffed animals in the fridge, they told me I had a spider in my hair, we snuck in the bathroom and turned Daddy’s shower water to all cold (OK, that was my idea and Daddy didn’t find it nearly as funny as we did!)…and on and on and on! I loved watching their little imaginations try to scheme up the next trick! 🙂