How to Make an Indoor Obstacle Course

This Indoor Obstacle Course activity is provided by special guest blogger Roo Ciambriello.


Spring is here, but the weather seems to have missed the memo.  While my local stores are displaying racks of swimsuits and sandals, I’m still wearing my winter coat.


And more than my shivering, I have to come up with things for my daughters to do when it’s icy outside.  Books, crafts, and puzzles are our usual go-tos, but sometimes my girls just need to expend some of their limitless energy.  Since they can’t transfer it to Good Ol’ Mom, I’ve come up with a fun way for them to let loose even if we can’t go outside.

I clear some space in the living room and create a fun, safe, indoor obstacle course.

You can use whatever you’ve got at home, but I keep a stash of toys for rainy, chilly, or snowy days.  Here’s a list of things I use:

– a soft tunnel, like the Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Tunnel

– a miniature indoor slide: It stays in the basement year-round, so I don’t have to worry about trailing dirt inside.

– activity cones.

– balls or bean bags

– a paper bag or laundry basket


I explain the rules of the obstacle course to the girls.  I demonstrate when necessary, although I will note that tunnel is probably not  for grownups.  🙂  Consider yourself warned.

“First, you’re going to crawl through the tunnel.  Next, hop over the cones, then slide down the slide!  Do ten jumping jacks, pick up the green ball, and toss in the basket!”

activity cones

I start up a fun music playlist, and let the girls go to town.  Prepare for lots of noise, giggling, and maybe even some shrieking, but I bet your kids will sleep soundly at night.

How about you?  What do you do to keep your kids from feeling cooped up when the weather’s not so nice?

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Roo Ciambriello writes a humor blog, NiceGirlNotes, and loves that her three daughters are big fans of pretend play, art, and music. When she’s not writing or ‘doing voices’ with stuffed animals (ask to hear her lion voice), Roo likes hanging out on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram, and would love for you to say hi!

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  1. Stephanie R says:

    I use to play indoor obstacle course with my brother and sisters all the time. But, perhaps not as safely as your girls. LOL! So fun and cute!


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