Why Do Babies Love Mirror Toys?

As any parent knows, babies just LOVE to see themselves in their mirror toys. What could be more interesting and relatable to babies than another baby reflected back at them — who looks, feels, and moves just as they do?

Sure, babies are attracted to mirrors because they are shiny and bright.
But mirrors are so much more, too!

Baby Mirror

The joy babies get by spotting their own reflection in a mirror also helps:

  • Increase their ability to focus
  • Begin to develop social skills
  • Foster their curiosity
  • Enhance their cognitive development (by introducing the concept of object permanence)
  • Strengthen their bodies (by having little ones lift their heads or use their torso and arm muscles to look in a mirror)

Toy Tip: Baby toys like our new Color Flap Baby & Toddler Toy contain a shatterproof mirror for babies and toddlers to uncover their own reflection — little by little — as they pull back the colored flaps to reveal the mirror (and awaiting “baby”) inside. This also encourages tactile exploration, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skill development.

Color Flap Baby Mirror Toy


In response to us asking, “Why do babies like mirrors?” one mom commented:

“I think it’s built in.
Even very young babies are attracted to faces.
Looking in a mirror is fascinating because babies see an adorable face
that seems to react to them.”


Why do YOU think babies love mirrors so much?

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  1. My daughter has loved looking in mirrors since she was a newborn! Every morning, after bath and before bed we always have to say “Hi Baby” to the baby in the mirror! At only 8 months old, she certainly has her own personality and is even trying to say hello to that baby on her own now!