New Shape Sorting Clock (and 4 Extension Activities)

Earlier today on our Facebook page, we unveiled a new Shape Sorting Clock – available now on! With bright new colors, a slim design, and lightweight pieces, the toy is a perfect tool to help preschoolers start to understand basic time-telling concepts.

New shape sorting clock

As with many of our products, we include extension activities in our packaging and on the blog to encourage continuous parent-child play in new ways. Here are 4 extension activities designed to help your child begin to master early-learning concepts as they gain familiarity with the form of a clock and concepts of time.

1) Remove all pieces from the clock. Ask the child to line the pieces up in numerical order or sort by matching colors.

2) Ask the child to name each piece and place it in the clock. (Numbers appear both on the pieces, and underneath, helping with site identification as well.)

3) Explain the concepts of morning, afternoon, and evening, as well as A.M. and P.M. Adjust the hands of the clock to different hours of the day. Ask the child to identify an activity he/she might be doing at these times. Repeat the activity using half-hour increments.

4) Place four or more pieces in front of the child. Let him/her study the pieces before asking your child to close his/her eyes while you remove one piece. Ask the child to identify which piece was removed.

Other useful resources:

In a previous blog post, we rounded up 6 Timely Activities to help explore the very fundamental basic concepts of “telling time” (including a clock face printable for early learners). Check it out here.Clock Face Printable What are some ways you help your child understand the basic concepts of telling time? Share with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


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