6 Magical Magnetic Doll Activities For Kids!

Dress-up dolls are a wonderful play activity, as they allow for emotional exploration, creative expression, imaginative play, and more! As an alternative to more delicate paper doll sets, our wooden magnetic dress-up sets are sturdy, reusable play companions that offer a variety of play options every time they are used!

For a few play ideas using magnetic dolls, check out this round-up from the Melissa & Doug blog!

1)      Create NEW, seasonal outfits for your magnetic friends!

Guest blogger Julie shares some tips for creating new outfits for magnetic dolls using fabric scraps, scissors, and glue! Check it out here.

Winter magnetic doll dress up

2)      Practice storytelling skills. Ask your child to dress the doll in an outfit and tell a story about the character: Where does the doll live or work? What does the doll do every day? What are its likes and dislikes? Using storytelling paper, create a new page for each new character, or string them together into a longer short story!

3)      Practice counting and categorizing.  Ask your child to separate and count the number of pieces in each outfit. Separate pieces into categories (by color, type, etc.)

4)      Trace and Color. Trace the pieces from the doll set on paper and let the child color them. Assist in cutting out the new outfits that can be temporarily affixed to the existing pieces.

5)      Use dolls to explore emotions and friendships. Our Blog Ambassador Amy (teachmama.com) shares an activity she used to help her 5-year old open up about her school friends. Using a variety of dolls, she was able to casually explore her new friends, their qualities, and her friendships overall. You can read about the full activity here.


6)      Play Memory. Place four or more pieces in front of the child. Let him study the pieces before asking him to close his eyes while you remove one piece. Ask the child to identify which piece was removed

What are your favorite activities using magnetic dolls? Share with us in the comments below, or on our Facebook page!