Val’s Crafty Corner: Collaborative Coloring Activity

Valerie is a Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassador
This idea for crafty coloring fun is brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by our Blog Ambassador Valerie Deneen.

Enjoy crafting with your kids!

Do your kids enjoy coloring? Do they spend lots of time doodling and drawing? Do you need a simple activity that encourages siblings to share, cooperate, and get along?? Then this collaborative coloring activity is for you!


To do your own collaborative coloring activity at home, you will need at least one other drawing companion, some crayons, and a large sheet or tabletop roll of drawing paper. Begin by explaining that the kids have just 30 seconds to draw on a section of the paper, set a timer.


When the timer goes off, it’s time to switch places with someone else, and continue the other person’s drawing for another 30 seconds! Continue for a few minutes, or until your masterpiece is complete.


This simple activity can help encourage kids to share supplies, let go of perfection in their artwork (and enjoy the process!), and learn to get along with others. My kids quickly realized that my older daughter was great at drawing buildings, for example, while my little one was happy to help fill in the details with windows and doors. Once she was done, my oldest would take her turn again and fill in some people scenes in the windows, and on and on they went!


I also love that we had a colorful mural when they were all finished — a great keepsake to remember our time together! There is no wrong way to do this, so gather up those crayons & paper and get creative!

collaborativedrawing5Have fun!!

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