“We’re Going On an Indoor Bug Safari!” (Creative Play Activity for Kids)

This blog post is written by our special guest contributor, Sarah from Zoe’s Lunchbox!

When the days are cold and dreary, any new adventure we can have inside – where it’s warm and snug – is welcome. Often, we try to adapt things we would normally do outside into indoor activities. One of those things is a ‘Bug Safari’! In the spring and summer, finding bugs in the yard is a great activity; but finding bugs in the house is the last thing I want to do! So, here are some ways to bring the bug fun indoors!


The Bug Hunt
Fill a plastic bin with shredded colored paper (we keep a bag of it on hand for projects). Use smaller bins for younger children, or fill something larger for more of a challenge. Bury “insects” (like the ones from Melissa & Doug’s Bag of Bugs) in the paper. Provide your child with a Bug House, Magnifying Glass, and some tweezers, and let them dig for bugs, plucking them out with the tweezers and transferring them to the bug house.

This is also a great opportunity to talk about the concept of “camouflage”!  Have your kids determine which bugs are the easiest to spot in the green ‘grass’ and which ones blend in.

Don’t want to mess around with shredded paper? Just hide the bugs around the house or in a particular room, and trade the magnifying glass for a pair of Binoculars, setting the kids off in search of specific bugs. Don’t forget that you can still talk about camouflage! Playing an ‘I Spy’ version of the Bug Hunt is a lot of fun, too.


Insect Snacks
After your bug hunt, your child may have worked up quite an appetite. For an insect-themed snack, melt some chocolate chips and drizzle bug shapes onto wax paper. Let them cool and add them to your kid’s next lunchbox. You can alternatively do this with yogurt and freeze the shapes for later use. Or, cut some shapes into your child’s sandwich to compliment their lunch box!

Bella Butterfly Snack Container


Have fun on your very own indoor bug safari!

* * *

About Sarah: Sarah Farrand is the author of Zoe’s Lunchbox, where she writes of her adventures with creative, healthy lunches, fun family projects, and more.


  1. Awesome! I bet the chocolate bugs were a hit with the kiddos!