5 Cool NEW Ways to Play with Puzzles (Yes, the Ones You Already Have!)

Does your family have a stockpile of puzzles? Chances are, your kids have either outgrown some, or have memorized the others!!

You may need a little puzzle-refresh, and our Blog Ambassador Amy (teachmama) has some great ideas for doing just that. In her recent blog post, 5 cool, new! Ways to play with puzzles, she shares some creative ways to play with your puzzles – yes, even the ones your kids have done a million times!


Here are some highlights from her post:

Puzzle Mash-Up

Once kids get older, the traditionally “younger” puzzles, like Peg puzzles, may not seem as appealing. But mixing the pieces in a pile on the floor and holding a competition to put them all back together again –now that’s an activity older kids can really enjoy!

Speed Puzzle

So your child knows the alphabet: Now, what to do with that Alphabet learning puzzle?  How about “Speed Puzzle”? First one to complete the puzzle – wins!

Puzzle Hunt

This game goes exactly as it sounds. Hide puzzle pieces and yell “Start!” You’ll have the kids running around the house seeking puzzle pieces as if they were chocolate treats.


Read Amy’s entire post for more ideas – and tell us: how do you keep puzzle play new and exciting? Share in the comments below, or join the conversation on Melissa & Doug’s Facebook page!

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