How to Survive Grocery Store Trips – With Toddlers!

Does your little one fuss when it’s time to go grocery shopping? If so, Tiffany from peanutblossom has a great tip for getting little ones engaged in the process – and even excited about it!

Grocery Shopping with Toddlers

The trick? Give kids a shopping list! Here’s what Tiffany suggests:

1)      Use Play Food and a toy shopping cart to create your own mock grocery store. Set up the pretend food around the house

2)      Write a shopping list for your child, and ask her to go around the house and find the things on your list (read the list aloud, or draw little pictures to demonstrate what the child should be looking for)

3)       Ask the child for input, such as “what should we make for dinner tonight? What ingredients will we need?”

This simple activity helped Tiffany’s daughter feel some responsibility over the grocery store errands, and has completely changed her shopping trips with her little one as a result! To read her entire post, visit her blog here.

What are your tips for shopping with little ones? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or join the conversation on Melissa & Doug’s Facebook page!


  1. Hand them a coupon with a picture of the item and ask them to help keep an eye out for it