Goal Setting for Preschoolers (Activity & Printable)

The New Year is a great time to work with your child on setting goals. From customizing a responsibility chart, to documenting  New Year’s Resolutions, children across all ages can explore and enjoy the concept of setting goals and priorities for the year ahead.

Our guest blogger Julie, from ayearwithmomanddad, shares a simple and charming way to engage your preschooler in goal-setting for the New Year in her recent blog post. In it, she includes a “Stars & Wishes” printable: A concept she used in her own classroom.


Here’s how the activity works:

1)      Ask your child to reflect on their “Star” moments for the year

2)      Look ahead and anticipate all you “Wish” the New Year will hold for you!

Using the free printable, your child can practice some letter writing, or dictate their “Stars & Wishes” to an adult to help document.

Check out her complete blog post for tips on helping your child discover their “Starts & Wishes” such as:

–          Asking the child to talk about their “firsts” from the year

–          Naming key or significant events

–          Asking the child what they would like to do again

–          Using arts and crafts to create a list with pictures, photos, and more!

For more activities and free printables for kids, check out Melissa & Doug on Pinterest!


About Julie:

Julie Kieras is mom to two active an inquisitive boys and wife to a wonderful husband. She can usually be found playing with her toddler and infant, organizing her craft closet, reading a good book, taking a walk, or perhaps baking her semi-famous apple pies. In between, she writes a blog about family life at A Year With Mom and Dad.


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