Side-By-Side Pizza Prep (A Post-Holiday Wind-Down Tip)

For many of us, the holidays means a lot of laughter, fun, love, and—of course—cooking! Now that the holidays are winding down, why not take a break with some easy, low-maintenance meals?  Our guest blogger Tiffany from Peanut Blossom recently shared some great tips on how to spruce-up your frozen pizzas with fresh ingredients!

mdpizzablurbShe also suggests having a pretend play food activity around to keep the kids occupied (yet engaged) in the process. Her little one enjoyed playing with our Felt Play Food – Pizza set, setting up pretend ingredients on her “pizza” while mommy placed her fresh ones on the pies!

Check out the entire post here, and share your tips for keeping post-holiday meals low-stress and low-key after the holidays!