Creative Play Quick Tip: Countdown to the New Year (Printable!)

We’re six days away from 2013, and a great way to get your kids involved in the New Years countdown is with this paper link chain activity.  Use this free printable for kids of all ages – older kids can enjoy talking about the resolutions and what a “New Year” means to them, while younger kids can simply color, count, and have some fun “tearing” off a new link every day.

Using crayons or markers, have your child color-in each strip. Using child-safe scissors, cut along the dotted line, and assist them in taping or stapling them together in a paper link chain.  Siblings can also each create their own chain, or make one together. Plus, you can sneak-in some numbers and counting practice, as each day has a designated number of images to decorate that correspond with the day you’re on!


Then, every day simply “tear off” another link from the chain!

What’s your favorite way to countdown to the New Year? We’d love to see what your kids create! Feel free to share your countdown photos on Facebook, or e-mail us at!