Gift Guru: 4 Great Holiday Gifts for Tweens

How do you pick the perfect present for the coolest big kid in town? We’ve got the top picks for tweens and teens right here! From unplugged games to electrifying clothing and gear, you’ll find everything you need for your toughest customer.

Beeposh – Color-blasted patterns inject lots of personality in every piece of this exciting collection. Give a fleecy tote packed with coordinating gear (choose from lounge pants, blankets, slipper boots, stuffed animals, and more!) . . . or mix and match the patterns for a look as unique as your tween.


Sprayza – This click-and-spray design set is the “no-fuss airbrush” that’s powered by kids! With vibrant color choices—including fabric ink for customizing T-shirts, tote bags, and more—Sprayza sets make it easy for one-of-a-kind kids to express their personal style.

See Sprayza in action here:

The Box Girls – Give the gift of gab! With dozens of thought-provoking questions, each themed Box Girls card set is designed to spark conversations, tickle funny bones, and open up communication between family and friends. Box Girls Box of Questions sets are quality time in a box!

Box Girls

Games – Award-winning Suspend is the teetering, wobbling, shifting, tipping, totally unbalanced balance game! Just hang the metal bars one by one to take on the challenge . . . and see it change before your eyes. This captivating game is great for kids of all ages. Make it the even better by ordering custom engraving on the base!


Image courtesy of fan David CL

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