Creative Play Quick Tip: 5 Kid-Made Gift Tags that Say More than just “To” and “From”

Any holiday gift feels a little more special when topped with a hand-made card from loved ones! Add a thoughtful touch to presents and help kids get caught up in the spirit of giving with creative gift tags that are one of a kind. Here are five ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

kids gift tags

1) With blank index cards and crayons, markers, or stamps, your littlest artists can make a mini-masterpiece with big-hearted appeal.  (Even toddlers can do this one—just be sure a grown-up writes the actual names!) Fold in half, punch a hole, and tie with a ribbon for a festive finishing touch.

2) Use cookie cutters to trace holiday shapes onto last year’s holiday cards, and let your little helpers cut out the shapes. (Draw the shapes on the blank side so your lines are easy to see.)

Cookie cutters

3) Use up those extra scraps of wrapping paper! Ask the kids to cut them into small pieces and paste them onto construction paper in a collage. When the collage is dry, cut it up into tag-size squares.

4) Hand out plain white paper and child-safe scissors, and show the kids how to fold the paper to a point and make cuts to create a paper snowflake. Make smaller construction-paper circles (you can have the kids trace a cup and cut the circle), then paste one in the middle of each snowflake as a writing area.

5) For older kids, make a list of recipients and ask them to copy over the information, tag by tag, crossing names off the list as they go. It’s a great way to practice writing and organization—and remind your child of the people who make up your nearest and dearest.

How does your family get creative to tag gifts in style? Share your ideas with us at!