Val’s Crafty Corner: Make a Fashion Inspiration Board

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This idea for crafty fun is brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by our Blog Ambassador Valerie Deneen.

Enjoy crafting with your kids!

Do your kids enjoy creating their own fashions? Are they always seeking out the latest trends? Do they have their own unique sense of style? Then this crafty activity is for you! Inspiration boards are commonly used among professional designers as a way to brainstorm their newest styles before any sewing takes place. Want to make an inspiration board of your own? (Of course, you do!)

First, you will need some fashion sketches. We love our Fashion Designer Kit from Melissa & Doug because it makes this so easy. The kit comes with 9 different rubbing plates that can be mixed and matched to make a large variety of different looks!

Once the rubbing has been made, remove it from the frame.

Next, it’s time to mix and match fabric swatches to create your own unique style! Once you’ve chosen a fabric, try coloring in your designs with colored pencils or markers to see how they might look.

Lastly, attach your colored drawings to a poster board and include all of the fabric swatches that will be used in the design. You can attach them using a little masking tape.

Add other designs to create your own seasonal line of clothing. You’ll be organizing your first fashion show in no time!

Have fun!!

Valerie Deneen is the author of Inner Child Fun, where she inspires parents to spend more quality time with their kids, and less money doing it. Inner Child Fun celebrates simple pleasures for all ages—with more than 1,000 frugal and creative projects sure to bring out the “kid” in you too! Follow Valerie on Twitter or say “Hi” on Facebook.

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