Teach Mama Talks: Wooden Thank You Trays

This educational idea is brought to you by Melissa & Doug , written by our Blog Ambassador Amy Mascott.

“Wooden Thank You Trays are a crafty and smart way to officially extend our thanks to loved ones.”   -Amy

Being the huge Melissa & Doug fans that we are, over the last eight years we have accumulated a serious number of Melissa & Doug wooden trays in our family.

wooden thank you trays

From stamp sets to magnetic dress-up sets, from wooden food sets to bead sets, our many Melissa & Doug toys have given us a lot of wooden trays. So this year, we decided to use those trays to say “thank you” to our loved ones and friends.

These little trays of thanks are simple, but they are sturdy and strong. They’ll last through this month of thanks and many more months, I’m sure.

wooden thank you trays

wooden thank you trays

We made our Thank You Trays with materials we had around the house: paint, glue, construction paper, stickers, and embellishments like gems, feathers, beads, and buttons.

And then we started working!

First we brainstormed. We shared the names of everyone in our lives for whom we were thankful: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, parents, siblings, and pets.

wooden thank you trays

wooden thank you trays

And then we narrowed down our people to three groups: our immediate family and both sets of grandparents.

We talked about all of the things we loved about them and what we were especially thankful for: their hugs, smiles, time spent together, and special things about each person.

And then we figured out what we wanted to put on the wooden tray and where we’d put it.

We painted.

We covered.

We glued, cut, and arranged.

wooden thank you trays

wooden thank you trays

And the small compartments of each of tray, acted as a little window to the person, sharing thanks.

When the pieces were finished, we let them dry and settle. We plan to give the grandparents theirs on Thanksgiving, and ours has found a spot on the shelf, where it will sit comfortably, reminding us of how lucky we are and how thankful we should be.

Wooden Thank You Trays are crafty and smart way to officially extend our thanks to loved ones.


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