Melissa & Doug Weekly Blog Roundup: Traveling with Kids

For all you traveling families this holiday season, this week we’ve been sharing some tips and activities on the Melissa & Doug blog to help keep the kids entertained (and you sane!) while on the road. In case you missed any of this week’s Travel posts, here’s a quick roundup!  To add to these ideas, or share your food play photos, please e-mail us: we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

The (Not-so-Lost) Art of Writing Letters

We love the skills letter-writing can build in children, including spelling practice, storytelling, imaginative play, and more. The holidays are a perfect time to build this skill as many families hit the road! This post shares three letter-writing activities for your little travelers using stamps, a pretend mailbox, and a child’s imagination!

Travel Strategies for Families

In this post, we share five simple strategies for equipping your kids with some entertainment and activities while traveling, including:

  • Creating a sensory kit
  • Practicing packing (in fun ways!)
  • Daytime and nighttime travel games, and
  • Writing postcards

Traveling with Kids Pinterest Board

Our traveling with kids board is packed with entertaining activities, arts & crafts, and games to keep kids occupied while on the go. Check it out for some inspiration!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog roundup! We are open to any and all feedback, play ideas, theme suggestions, and questions, so please contact us at